Viva Decor GmbH, Germany

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Viva Decor GmbH, Bad Salzuflen

Important Notes

To get optimum results, note the following important information when using our products.

All Products

  • Stir or shake paints well before use, depending on the consistency.
  • Clean work materials with water.
  • All colors of a product are mixable.
  • Protect containers from frost and heat.


Products of MyFashionWord

  • New fabrics are often impregnated. Wash fabrics without softener before designing.
  • Protect garment by laying a piece of cardboard under the material layer that is to be designed.
  • Protect designed motif with a sheet of ironing or baking paper and observe care label of garment.
  • Do not wash garment less than 4 days after designing. Wash left side out by hand or at 30° C.
  • The stencils are not self-adhesive so they can be used on both sides.
  • To avoid slipping of the stencil, affix stencil by using glue on the backside (e.g. Viva Decor Spray Glue) or by taping with a piece of masking tape.

Products of MyPardoWord

  • Harden Pardo in a pre-heated oven at 120° C (248 °F) for 30 minutes.
  • Do not store at temperatures above 30°C (86 °F).
  • Don't use microwave
  • Processing with a pasta machine is recommended.
  • Roll out Pardo Transparent very thinly.  This increases translucency.
  • By polishing the cured Pardo Clay creates the special transparent effect.