Venezia Stone Effect

Is it stone , or isn‘t it?

This revolutionary type of design effect allows creating stone finishes that evoke memories of the warm stones of Italy. In a few steps, you can create the characteristic stone look from two different colored pastes and glazes. Venezia Stone Effect can be applied to almost any surface.

The Complete Sets

With the color coordinated set options, Bianco, D‘Oro, and Rosso, you are off to a running start.

Venezia Stone Effect is

  • water based
  • for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • painting, stenciling, dabbing, troweling... anything is possible
  • impact resistant
  • weather-proof

Processing Venezia Stone Effect paste and glaze:

venezia-1Step 1)
Apply the paste as a primer, in particular for non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, and let it dry.
venezia-2Step 2)
Apply differently colored pastes wet on wet, one after the other, and allow to dry.
venezia-3Step 3)
Lightly sand the dried surface to smooth sharp edges and irregularities.
venezia-4Step 4)
Shake the glazes well. Using the creative sponge, rub the glazes firmly onto some of or the entire surface.

Color palette Venezia paste
  • 101-oldwhite101-oldwhite
  • 102-cream102-cream
  • 201-ochre201-ochre
  • 451-sand451-sand

  • 452-terracotta452-terracotta
  • 453-sepia453-sepia

Color palette Venezia glaze

  • 451-light-brown451-light-brown
  • 452-caramel452-caramel
  • 800-grey800-grey

Read, set, knead …

Concrete for kneading

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, you can process the low-dust, fiber-reinforced Concrete for kneading wherever you want.

The fine modeling clay allows modeling filigree structures, cutting out shapes, or making imprints of natural materials and stamps. The personalized objects are frost-resistant and weatherproof.

After drying the pieces of art in the air, they can be painted as desired.

Concrete for kneading is:

  • Low dust: can therefore be used in enclosed spaces
  • Fine-grained: allows for filigree processing
  • Supple: therefore pleasant to model

Processing Concrete for kneading:

Vorbereitung step1

Step 1
Wear gloves

Vorbereitung step2

Step 2
Fill in the water

Vorbereitung step3

Step 3
Add the concrete powder

Vorbereitung step4

Step 4
Stir for 2 minutes

Vorbereitung step5

Step 5
Leave for 2 minutes

Vorbereitung step6

Step 6
Stir again

Velvety matte or preciously glossy

Ceramic Effect for all surfaces

Ceramic Effect is a highly pigmented paint you can use to transform surfaces and decorative elements into a fine matte ceramic look. If yo sand the object after drying, it becomes velvety matte. An additional treatment with Premium Clear Coat gives it a precious gloss.

  • water basedfor absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • Drying time per coat approx. 30 minutes, depending on coat thickness
  • high coverage
  • for stenciling
  • weather-proof

Ceramic Effect preparation: 
Stir well before use! Surfaces must be free of dust and grease.

Ceramic Effect processing: 
A first coat is dabbed on thinly, using a sponge. Let it dry for about half an hour. Thereafter, dab on a second thin coat and also let it dry.

Lightly sand the paint after drying to create a nice smooth surface. For stenciling, put down a stencil and spread the motif on with Ceramic Effect (using a spatula or brush). Remove and clean the stencil immediately.

Unevenness of the surface motif may be lightly sanded to smooth if needed.

You can treat the object further with other materials, such as Inka-Gold, Blackboard Lacquer. Ceramic Effect can be plastered, painted, spotted, or stenciled. It dries smudge-proof and is weather-resistant.

Tip: If you like it glossy, apply Premium Clear Coat to the dried object.

<!--Einen besonderes schönen Effekt bekommt ihr Gestaltobjekt, wenn Sie vorab mit Foto-Transfer Medium ein Bild oder Bildausschnitt auftragen.

Eis-Effekt Farbpalette

  • 100-weiss100-weiss
  • 905-holo905-holo


Rusty Patina

Fascinating vividness

With the rusty patina, objects designed with Rusty – for paper and more are injected with fascinating vividness.

  • weather-resistant
  • water based

Rusty Patina preparation:

  • Stir well before use!

Rusty Patina processing:

First apply Rusty consistently on the item to be designed. When the paint has dried thoroughly, apply a second coating of Rusty and smear the Rusty Patina wet-on-wet on the still damp Rusty color with a foam sponge, so that the colors merge together in a gradient style.


Rusty Patina color palette

  • 903-Oxyd903-Oxyd
  • 906-Copper-rust906-Copper-rust

Set Concrete Effect

Looks like concrete, but it isn‘t.

It is a completely novel design effect. Anything is possible. Anything can be made to look like concrete. For example, the empty juice pack from the kitchen becomes the next gift - perhaps to dear friends? Everything you need, including detailed instructions, is included in the concrete effect set.

  • water based
  • for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • painting, stenciling, dabbing, troweling... anything is possible.
  • impact resistant
  • weather-proof

Concrete Effect Paste and Concrete Glaze in a set  with sponges and instruction


Processing Concrete Effect Paste:
The concrete effect paste is troweled on (1), smoothed (2), and sanded after drying (3). In order to achieve the characteristic concrete look, a dark glaze is dabbed onto the object with a sponge, followed by a light glaze (4).

Short instruction -Concrete Effect Paste- and -Concrete Glaze-

Simply place the stencil on the finished surface and apply the Concrete Effect Paste through the stencil.

Color effects are particularly effective in matte (e.g., Viva Decor Chalky Vintage Look) or with shiny highlights in metallic tones (e.g., Viva Decor Maya-Gold).


Primer for Micro-Crackle-Lacquer

The Contact-Lacquer for Micro Crackle Lacquer is applied as a necessary foundation onto the object. Only in combination with the Contact-Lacquer the fine cracks will be achieved.

  • water based
  • only in transparent

Contact-Lacquer preparation: Stir well before use!

Contact-Lacquer processing:

The Contact-Lacquer for Micro Crackle Lacquer should be applied plenty in one step with a soft wide synthetic brush.

3D Snow from a tube

Not just for Christmas!

Matt white, finely grained paste for designing 3D snow effects on surfaces and decoration objects. By painting, stenciling or dabbing with Multi-Color, the unusual 3D objects can be used also in the off-season of Christmas.

  • water based
  • finely grained

3D Snow preparation: allow to dry well before further processing with other colors.

3D Snow processing:

3D Snow from a tube can be applied directly from the bottle (with the pen tip) or it can be applied with a palette knife, it can be dabbed, painted or stenciled.

Concrete for Creatives

The hot topic of the year.

The fine-grained, quick-drying, and low-dust casting material is simply mixed with water. Due to the special plastic coating and fibre reinforcement, Concrete for Creatives can be moulded into any shape imaginable and especially into thin-walled decorative items.

Concrete for Creatives is:

  • fine-grained: particularly suitable for thin-walled objects
  • quick-drying: Can be removed from mold after only 2 hrs. drying time
  • Low dust: Can be used cleanly indoors

Concrete for Creatives Processing:
Use our detailed step-by-step instructions on the flyer.

bfk-flyer-deckblatt     betonschale-bad


Expressive Candles-design

Creamy stable wax for designing, decorating and inscribing candles.

  • burns residue-free with the candle
  • all colors mixable
  • water based

Wax-Pen processing:

Lines and dots:
The wax can be used directly from the pen for decorative designing and inscribing of candles. The wax is easy to apply and stays stable on the candle.

Large areas:
To apply to larger areas just press the wax out of the pen and apply it with a sponge.


Wax-Pen color palette

  • 100-White100-White
  • 101-Champagne101-Champagne
  • 200-Yellow200-Yellow
  • 300-Orange300-Orange

  • 400-Red400-Red
  • 402-Fuchsia402-Fuchsia
  • 501-Lilac501-Lilac
  • 502-Violet502-Violet

  • 600-Blue600-Blue
  • 601-Lightblue601-Lightblue
  • 602-Blue602-Blue
  • 650-Turquoise650-Turquoise

  • 700-Green700-Green
  • 701-Limegreen701-Limegreen
  • 800-Black800-Black
  • 901-Gold901-Gold

  • 902-Silver902-Silver
  • 903-Bronze903-Bronze
  • 904-Copper904-Copper


Exceptional eye-catcher

Finely grained paste with glitter effects for designing areas and decorating objects with structure effects for inside and outside. Artistic structural canvas designs can be achieved with a palette knife or stenciled.

  • water based
  • all colors mixable

Structure-Paste processing:

Structure-Paste can be applied with a palette knife, sponge, brush or can be stenciled. By using modeling tools (eg. modeling brush, palette knife) different designs can be worked into the paste.


Structure-Paste color palette

  • 102-Sand-silver102-Sand-silver
  • 103-White-silver103-White-silver
  • 202-Sand-gold202-Sand-gold
  • 450-Darkbrown-gold450-Darkbrown-gold

  • 805-Black-silver805-Black-silver

Modeling Cream

For indoor and outdoor objects

Highly pigmented cream with a fine luster in metallic or mother of pearl optic. With the Modeling-Cream surfaces and objects can be artistically designed for indoor and outdoor.

On canvas remarkable 3D effects can be achieved by applying the Modeling-Cream with a palette knife, sponge, brush or stenciling.

  • water based
  • high color luster
  • smear-proof
  • weather-proof

Modeling Cream processing:

Modeling-Cream can be applied with a palette knife or a sponge, it can be brushed or stenciled. By using modeling tools (e.g. modeling brush, palette knife) many different designs can be worked in.


Modeling Cream color palette

  • 101-Champagne101-Champagne
  • 102-Mother-of-Pearl102-Mother-of-Pearl
  • 901-Gold901-Gold
  • 902-Silver902-Silver

  • 903-Bronze903-Bronze
  • 904-Copper904-Copper

Only in 90 ml

  • 401-Rose401-Rose
  • 451-Chocolate451-Chocolate
  • 501-Lilac501-Lilac
  • 502-Hydrangea502-Hydrangea

  • 503-Burgundy503-Burgundy
  • 508-Violet508-Violet
  • 509-Raspberry509-Raspberry
  • 601-Lightblue601-Lightblue

  • 605-Blue605-Blue
  • 651-Turquiose651-Turquiose
  • 702-Lightgreen702-Lightgreen
  • 800-Black800-Black

  • 907-Goldred907-Goldred

Micro Crackle Lacquer

Creating objects with a fine facet-optic

Single component lacquer for designing surfaces with a fine facet optic. The Micro Crackle-Lacquer cracks into fine facets while drying. This effect is especially popular for designing furniture. The single facets are more accentuated when Precious Metal Powder is wiped into the fine cracks.

  • water based
  • all color shades are mixable

Micro Crackle Lacquer preparation: Stir well before use!

Micro Crackle Lacquer processing:

Surface must be primed with Contact-Lacquer for Micro Crackle-Lacquer first.
After drying the Micro Crackle-Lacquer is applied plenty with a wide soft synthetic brush in one work step.


Micro Crackle Lacquer color palette

  • 000-Transparent000-Transparent
  • 100-White100-White
  • 101-Warm-white101-Warm-white
  • 200-Yellow200-Yellow

  • 300-Orange300-Orange
  • 400-Red400-Red
  • 401-Pink401-Pink
  • 402-Burgundy402-Burgundy

  • 450-Chocolate450-Chocolate
  • 451-Caramel451-Caramel
  • 500-Violet500-Violet
  • 600-Blue600-Blue

  • 650-Turquoise650-Turquoise
  • 700-Green700-Green
  • 701-Pea-green701-Pea-green
  • 800-Black800-Black