Apply – Polish – Ready

Inka Gold is an easy applicable wax paste with an elegant metallic shine. Especially suitable for absorbing surfaces such as untreated wood, cardboard and unglazed pottery.

  • water based
  • dries while polishing
  • can be sealed smudge- and weather-proof with Inka-Lacquer

Inka-Gold processing:

Apply Inka-Gold thinly with a sponge in a circular motion, applying and polishing simultaneously, depending on the color intensity, in several thin coatings.
You can achieve a patina effect by lightly wiping with Inka-Gold.

To apply on hard-to-reach places, such as 3D-objects use a lightly moistened brush. Polish with a sponge when dried.

Important: to avoid impurity and to secure storage life, do not use Inka-Gold directly from the jar. Remove the amount of paste as needed with a clean palette-knife for example.


Inka Gold color palette

  • 901-Gold901-Gold
  • 902-Silver902-Silver
  • 903-Copper903-Copper
  • 904-Platinum 904-Platinum

  • 906-Greenyellow906-Greenyellow
  • 907-Orange907-Orange
  • 908-Violet908-Violet
  • 909-Oldsilver909-Oldsilver

  • 910-Graphite910-Graphite
  • 911-Haematite911-Haematite
  • 913-Cobaltblue913-Cobaltblue
  • 914-Steelblue914-Steelblue

  • 915-Lavared915-Lavared
  • 917-Yellowgold917-Yellowgold
  • 918-Oldgold918-Oldgold
  • 921-Emerald921-Emerald

  • 922-Turquoise922-Turquoise
  • 923-Magenta923-Magenta
  • 926-Rose-quartz926-Rose-quartz
  • 927-Aquamarine927-Aquamarine

  • 928-Jadegreen928-Jadegreen
  • 930-Hydrangea930-Hydrangea
  • 931-Apricot931-Apricot
  • 932-Champagne932-Champagne

  • 933-Mintgreen933-Mintgreen
  • 934-Iceblue934-Iceblue
  • 935-Browngold935-Browngold
  • 940-Marsala940-Marsala

  • 949-Petrol949-Petrol
  • 950-Ink950-Ink
  • 951-Bordeaux951-Bordeaux