Blackboard Paint

decorative and convenient

Blackboard paint will give any smooth surfaces, such as walls, tables, cabinets, or other furnishings, a decorative coat of paint and serve as a convenient area for taking notes. You can write on the surfaces with commercial chalk and wipe them clean with water.

  • water based
  • dries on matte
  • easy to clean with a damp cloth


  • Shake well before use!
  • Protect containers from frost and heat
  • The surface must be free from dust and grease


Apply the blackboard paint in a criss-cross pattern, using a foam roller or a soft synthetic brush and allow to dry well (about 2 hours). Then apply the second coat in a criss-cross pattern and allow to dry for at least 24 hours before using the surface as a blackboard.


Color palette

  • 523-bordeaux523-bordeaux
  • 604-blue-grey604-blue-grey
  • 650-turquoise650-turquoise
  • 800-black800-black

  • 803-concrete-grey803-concrete-grey