Chalky Vintage -Look is a silky matt paint finish for decorating in the Shabby Chic look we mentioned. Furniture which has passed its best or flea market objects take on a pretty, romantic, magical Vintage Look. The matt paint is suitable for absorbent materials such as wood, rigid cardboard or clay as well as non-absorbent materials such as glass or lacquered wood.

  • water based
  • matt drying finish
  • lightly tactile
  • smear-proof
  • weather-resistant on waterproof surfaces
  • for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces

Chalky Vintage-Look preparation:

  • Stir well before use!
  • Surfaces must be free of dust and grease

Chalky Vintage-Look processing:

Chalky Vintage-Look can be rolled, painted and dabbed. The typical Shabby-Chic look is created by gentle sanding.


Chalky Vintage-Look color palette

  • 100-White100-White
  • 102-wool-white102-wool-white
  • 201-Vanilla201-Vanilla
  • 210-coral210-coral

  • 402-Antique-Rose402-Antique-Rose
  • 404-Bordeaux404-Bordeaux
  • 451-Cappuccino451-Cappuccino
  • 452-Umber452-Umber

  • 453-Taupe453-Taupe
  • 501-Lilac501-Lilac
  • 502-Mauve502-Mauve
  • 601-Light-blue601-Light-blue

  • 602-Pearl-blue602-Pearl-blue
  • 603-Smokey-blue603-Smokey-blue
  • 701-Light-green701-Light-green
  • 702-Dark-green702-Dark-green

  • 703-Aqua703-Aqua
  • 706-petrol706-petrol
  • 801-Grey801-Grey
  • 802-anthracite802-anthracite