Premium Clear Coat

... water-based!

Premium Clear Coat with excellent flow properties for clear varnish of absorbent and non-absorbent substrates, such as cardboard, wood, glass, metal, stone. Applied to any weatherproof paints and pastes, the Premium Clear Coat creates a weather-resistant protective film. Dries quickly and clear. Not suitable for painting of readily water-soluble surfaces and paint applications (e.g., watercolours).

  • solvent-free, water-based
  • weather-resistant
  • scratch-resistant
  • non-fading
  • excellent flow properties

Product preparation 
Stir well before use!

Processing Premium Clear Coat, glossy
Mit einem flachen, weichen Synthetikpinsel satt auftragen. Bei mehrmaligem Auftrag, die jeweils einzelnen Schichten trocknen lassen! Pinsel nach Gebrauch einfach mit Wasser reinigen.

Processing Premium Clear Coat, matt
Make sure to stir thoroughly before each use.
Apply thinly with a flat, soft synthetic brush. If applying multiple coats, make sure to allow each individual coat to dry between applications. Simply clean brush with water after use.