Point by point creativity and relaxation

Switch off and find peace in your creativity. Creativity and relaxation in one - it‘s easy with the Zen Pens and the corresponding stencils!

  • Suitable for many surfaces.
  • The size of the pearl can be varied by applying pressure to the pen
  • Water based
  • Drying time depending on the pearl size, from 12 to 24 hours

ZEN-Pen processing:

  1. Place the stencil and transfer the design with a pencil.
  2. Trace with the Zen Pens.
  3. Apply the paint selectively direct from the pen. The color dots will round themselves. The size can be varied by applying pressure to the pen.
  4. The motives complement and continue at will.


ZEN-Pen color palette

  • 101-Snow101-Snow
  • 102-Shell102-Shell
  • 201-Sun201-Sun
  • 202-Water-Lily202-Water-Lily

  • 300-Mango300-Mango
  • 400-Poppy400-Poppy
  • 409-Dahlia409-Dahlia
  • 500-Viola500-Viola

  • 501-Lotus501-Lotus
  • 506-Orchid506-Orchid
  • 600-Lapislazuli600-Lapislazuli
  • 601-Aqua601-Aqua

  • 650-Lagoon650-Lagoon
  • 700-Grass700-Grass
  • 701-Mint701-Mint
  • 702-Emerald702-Emerald

  • 705-Bamboo705-Bamboo
  • 800-Night800-Night
  • 905-Silvershine905-Silvershine


ZEN Pen Sets

Sets of 2
zen pen 2er set

"Courage + Power"
600 Lapislazuli400 Mohn
"Yin + Yang"
101 Schnee800 Nacht
"Zest for Life"
201 Sonne705 Bambus

Sets of 3
zen pen 3er set

"Day at the sea"
102 Muschel601 Aqua650 Lagune
201 Sonne300 Mango409 Dahlie
"Color of the Middle"
701 Minze905 Silberglanz702 Smaragd

Sets of 4
zen pen 4er set

"Force of Nature"
650 Lagune600 Lapislazuli700 Gras705 Bambus
701 Minze202 Seerose501 Lotus601 Aqua
"Magic Moment"
300 Mango400 Mohn506 Orchidee500 Viola