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Candle Design kit „Retro Glam“

Candles in glamorous Colors

For the design of commercial candles in glamorous, elegant colors with Inka Silk and Candle Transfer Wax. In combination, wonderful candles are created, not just for special occasions.


Candle Design kit  "Retro Glam" with content


3 x Inka Silk 62,5 gr (Jade, Mustard, Ink)
1 x Candle Transfer Wax 90 ml
4 x creative sponges
1 x brush
4 x pattern sheets DIN A4
1 x instructions


  1. Wipe the candle with a dry cloth before coloring.
  2. Generously apply Inka Silk with the sponge and let it dry briefly.
  3. Polish with a soft cloth for a silky shine.
  4. To apply the motifs, fully seal the candle with Candle Transfer Wax and allow to dry.
  5. Roughly cut out a mirror-image motif (laser printout), coat the image side and the motif position on the candle with Candle Transfer Wax. Position the motif face down on the candle.
More information about Inka Silk and Candle Transfer Wax can be found here.