Read, set, knead …

Concrete for kneading

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, you can process the low-dust, fiber-reinforced Concrete for kneading wherever you want.

The fine modeling clay allows modeling filigree structures, cutting out shapes, or making imprints of natural materials and stamps. The personalized objects are frost-resistant and weatherproof.

After drying the pieces of art in the air, they can be painted as desired.

Concrete for kneading is:

  • Low dust: can therefore be used in enclosed spaces
  • Fine-grained: allows for filigree processing
  • Supple: therefore pleasant to model

Processing Concrete for kneading:

Vorbereitung step1

Step 1
Wear gloves

Vorbereitung step2

Step 2
Fill in the water

Vorbereitung step3

Step 3
Add the concrete powder

Vorbereitung step4

Step 4
Stir for 2 minutes

Vorbereitung step5

Step 5
Leave for 2 minutes

Vorbereitung step6

Step 6
Stir again