Texture paste with glitter effect

Luxurious glittering structure paste for decorating objects. The colored glitter is in a transparent medium. An optimal layer thickness can be achieved due to the contained transparent beads.

  • water based
  • colorful, highly brilliant glitter in a transparent medium
  • smear-proof
  • water resistant
  • weather-proof

Glitter-Paste processing:

Glitter Paste is applied with a palette knife or can be stenciled. Apply it onto a Viva Decor stencil and you will easily achieve particularly impressive effects.


Glitter-Paste color palette

  • 102-Champagne102-Champagne
  • 202-Amber202-Amber
  • 400-Ruby400-Ruby
  • 403-Purple403-Purple

  • 505-Fuchsia505-Fuchsia
  • 603-Saphire603-Saphire
  • 604-Nightblue604-Nightblue
  • 700-Emerald700-Emerald

  • 701-Peridot701-Peridot
  • 801-Haematite801-Haematite
  • 901-Gold901-Gold
  • 902-Silver902-Silver

  • 904-Holo-iridescent904-Holo-iridescent
  • 907-Bronze907-Bronze