Modeling Cream

For indoor and outdoor objects

Highly pigmented cream with a fine luster in metallic or mother of pearl optic. With the Modeling-Cream surfaces and objects can be artistically designed for indoor and outdoor.

On canvas remarkable 3D effects can be achieved by applying the Modeling-Cream with a palette knife, sponge, brush or stenciling.

  • water based
  • high color luster
  • smear-proof
  • weather-proof

Modeling Cream processing:

Modeling-Cream can be applied with a palette knife or a sponge, it can be brushed or stenciled. By using modeling tools (e.g. modeling brush, palette knife) many different designs can be worked in.


Modeling Cream color palette

  • 101-Champagne101-Champagne
  • 102-Mother-of-Pearl102-Mother-of-Pearl
  • 901-Gold901-Gold
  • 902-Silver902-Silver

  • 903-Bronze903-Bronze
  • 904-Copper904-Copper

Only in 90 ml

  • 401-Rose401-Rose
  • 451-Chocolate451-Chocolate
  • 501-Lilac501-Lilac
  • 502-Hydrangea502-Hydrangea

  • 503-Burgundy503-Burgundy
  • 508-Violet508-Violet
  • 509-Raspberry509-Raspberry
  • 601-Lightblue601-Lightblue

  • 605-Blue605-Blue
  • 651-Turquiose651-Turquiose
  • 702-Lightgreen702-Lightgreen
  • 800-Black800-Black

  • 907-Goldred907-Goldred