Venezia Stone Effect

Is it stone , or isn‘t it?

This revolutionary type of design effect allows creating stone finishes that evoke memories of the warm stones of Italy. In a few steps, you can create the characteristic stone look from two different colored pastes and glazes. Venezia Stone Effect can be applied to almost any surface.

The Complete Sets

With the color coordinated set options, Bianco, D‘Oro, and Rosso, you are off to a running start.

Venezia Stone Effect is

  • water based
  • for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • painting, stenciling, dabbing, troweling... anything is possible
  • impact resistant
  • weather-proof

Processing Venezia Stone Effect paste and glaze:

venezia-1Step 1)
Apply the paste as a primer, in particular for non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, and let it dry.
venezia-2Step 2)
Apply differently colored pastes wet on wet, one after the other, and allow to dry.
venezia-3Step 3)
Lightly sand the dried surface to smooth sharp edges and irregularities.
venezia-4Step 4)
Shake the glazes well. Using the creative sponge, rub the glazes firmly onto some of or the entire surface.

Color palette Venezia paste
  • 101-oldwhite101-oldwhite
  • 102-cream102-cream
  • 201-ochre201-ochre
  • 451-sand451-sand

  • 452-terracotta452-terracotta
  • 453-sepia453-sepia

Color palette Venezia glaze

  • 451-light-brown451-light-brown
  • 452-caramel452-caramel
  • 800-grey800-grey