Light in its most beautiful color

Select from either highly transparent- or opaque-drying effect gel for designing transparent background or porcelain in glassy look. Used with the Glass-Effect-Gel Contour it gives a typical Tiffany style effect. Glass-Effect-Gel bonds strongly with the surface and cannot be removed from glass.

To match motifs for your design, please see our templates-booklet.

  • water based
  • indistinguishable from real glass
  • does not rinse

Glass-Effect-Gel processing:

Glass-Effect-Gel is applied directly from the pen onto the object to be designed.


Glass-Effect-Gel color palette:

  • 000-Crystall-clear000-Crystall-clear
  • 200-Yelow200-Yelow
  • 201-Amber201-Amber
  • 203-Yellow-opaque203-Yellow-opaque

  • 300-Orange300-Orange
  • 401-Crimson401-Crimson
  • 402-Carmine402-Carmine
  • 403-Pink403-Pink

  • 410-Red-opaque410-Red-opaque
  • 501-Blackberry501-Blackberry
  • 504-Orchid-opaque504-Orchid-opaque
  • 600-Blue600-Blue

  • 602-lightblue-opaque602-lightblue-opaque
  • 651-Turquoise651-Turquoise
  • 700-Green700-Green
  • 702-Seagreen702-Seagreen

  • 703-Mint-opaque703-Mint-opaque
  • 802-White-opaque802-White-opaque