Satiné Matt-Glass

Fantastic, beautiful satin look

Semitransparent paint for designing transparent surfaces in a frosted or satiny look. Create strikingly beautiful vases or glasses, for example, with matt glass and templates from Viva Decor.

Tip: Transparent glass effects on surfaces designed with Satiné Matt-Glass can be achieved when dots, lines or areas are dabbed with Glass-Effect-Gel. These areas have the typical glass optic since the matt effect is lifted by the Glass-Effect-Gel.

  • water based
  • water resistant
  • semitransparent

Satiné Matt-Glass preparation: Shake well before use!

Satiné Matt-Glass processing:

For an even application Satiné Matt-Glass is dabbed on with a sponge. Depending on the color intensity, Matt-Glass should be applied thinly in several steps.

Satiné Matt-Glass can be applied partially with help of a stencil.


Satiné Matt-Glass color palette

  • 100-Opaque100-Opaque
  • 101-White101-White
  • 200-Yellow200-Yellow
  • 400-Red400-Red

  • 450-Brown450-Brown
  • 500-Violet500-Violet
  • 501-Pink501-Pink
  • 600-Blue600-Blue

  • 650-Turquoise650-Turquoise
  • 700-Limegreen700-Limegreen
  • 901-Gold901-Gold
  • 902-Silver902-Silver

  • 903-Copper903-Copper
  • 905-Mother-of-pearl905-Mother-of-pearl