Pardo Art Clay

For filigree Pardo objects

Pardo Art Clay was developed for artists and modeling professionals. It has a firm consistency and has particularly sharp edges after cutting. Therefore it is well suited for filigree jewelry. Pardo Art Clay consists of highly pigmented solid colors and real beeswax.

  • dimensionally stable and extremely edge sharp
  • with natural bees wax
  • all colors mixable
  • sweat and saliva proof
  • odorless in the oven
  • Available in 13 solid colors

Pardo Art Clay preparation:

  • Pardo cures after being held for about 30 minutes at 120 °C (248 °F) in the oven
  • Do not store at temperatures above 30° C (86 °F).

Pardo Art Clay processing:

First roughly knead Pardo into shape. By mixing together two or more colors, interesting marbling effects can be achieved. Then freely prepare the jewelry clay, using one of our patchy-moulds or modeling tools, into the desired shape. 
Tip: Roll-out using a pasta machine - it works particularly easier.


Pardo Art Clay color palette

  • 100-White100-White
  • 102-Beige102-Beige
  • 200-Yellow200-Yellow
  • 300-Orange300-Orange

  • 400-Red400-Red
  • 450-Brown450-Brown
  • 500-Violet500-Violet
  • 501-Magenta501-Magenta

  • 600-Blue600-Blue
  • 601-Cyan601-Cyan
  • 650-Turquoise650-Turquoise
  • 700-Green700-Green

  • 800-Black800-Black