Pardo Mica Clay

Suitable for Mica Shift technique

Pardo Mica Clay surprises by its mica particles, and is particularly suitable for Mica Shift technique, where a relief effect is possible with only one color, depending on the light incidence you will see the mica shimmering differently.

  • for special relief effects
  • with real beeswax
  • saliva and sweat resistant
  • odorless in the oven
  • available in 5 colors

Pardo Mica Clay preparation:

  • Pardo cures after being held for about 30 minutes at 120 °C (248 °F) in the oven
  • Do not store at temperatures above 30° C (86 °F).

Pardo Mica Clay processing:

First roughly knead Pardo into shape. Then freely prepare the jewelry clay, using one of our patchy-moulds or modeling tools, into the desired shape. By stamping or removing high spots, due to the monochrome Pardo Clay Mica, you can create a three-dimensional effect.


Pardo Mica color palette

  • 901-Silver901-Silver
  • 903-Copper903-Copper
  • 904-Gold904-Gold
  • 905-Platinum905-Platinum

  • 907-Bronze907-Bronze