Sparkles like stardust

Sparkling accents with vividly colored glitter in a useful pen. No matter if it is about making a contour or a single point. With the Glitter-Peen you can give the finishing touch to your design. An intensive sparkling glitter effect comes out after drying. Use to decorate paper surfaces.

  • high color luminance
  • clean working
  • can be placed applied easily from the pen
  • for sparkling dots and lines
  • for stenciling
  • water based

Glitter-Pen preparation: Shake well before use!

Glitter-Pen processing:

  1. Sparkling beads can be placed directly from the pen
  2. Contours are made with glitter lines, in order to create a great full-impression effect.
  3. Sparkling lines and points after drying.

Glitter-Pen color palette

  • 101-Champagne101-Champagne
  • 401-Chili-red401-Chili-red
  • 500-Violet500-Violet
  • 501-Fuchsia501-Fuchsia

  • 601-Ocean-blue601-Ocean-blue
  • 602-Azure-blue602-Azure-blue
  • 701-Pea-green701-Pea-green
  • 702-Emerald702-Emerald

  • 901-Gold901-Gold
  • 902-Silver902-Silver
  • 903-Hologram903-Hologram
  • 904-Copper904-Copper