Less is more!

Paper-Soft-Color is the perfect color to create “cloud-like“ and “graduated“ effects with a simple sweeping action. Soft-Color can also be used for stamping and stenciling. Clean stamps and stencils with cold water.

Paper-Soft-Color preparation: In the first application, the paint can be pumped in the sponge with the foam stippling brush, by pressure.

Paper-Soft-Color processing:

1. Dip the sponge (enclosed) into Paper-Soft-Color..
2. With a gentle sweeping action apply Paper-Soft-Color.
3. Load a second Paper-Soft-Color onto a second sponge.
4. Apply the second color over the first color and gently rub the second color into the first color. This will deliver an interesting graduated color effect.


Paper-Soft-Color color palette

  • 202-Sun-yellow202-Sun-yellow
  • 402-Dark-carmine-red402-Dark-carmine-red
  • 451-Walnut-brown451-Walnut-brown
  • 453-Caramel453-Caramel

  • 500-Violet500-Violet
  • 501-Magenta501-Magenta
  • 502-Lilac502-Lilac
  • 503-Berry503-Berry

  • 605-Aqua605-Aqua
  • 606-Azure-blue606-Azure-blue
  • 607-Navy-blue607-Navy-blue
  • 703-Light-moss-green703-Light-moss-green

  • 704-Moss-greenn704-Moss-greenn
  • 705-Pea-green705-Pea-green
  • 801-Dark-sand801-Dark-sand
  • 803-Graphite803-Graphite