Perfect for your paper design

Put your energy into the design and not into the search for the suitable tool. Our brushes, palette knives, acrylic blocks and much more are perfectly matching in form and material to use with the products of MyPaperWorld.


Sponge Brush

Four smooth and high quality sponge brushes in round shape.

Sponge brushes


Acrylic Stamp Blocks

Set of 3 Acrylic Stamp Blocks or single stamp block, 4 x 4 Inch.

Acrylic Stamp Blocks


Palette knives

Palette knives in either a set of 3 or 5 pieces in a decorative wooden box.

Palette knives



For a simultaneous thinning and painting of colors. With three different brushes.

Art. no. 9300 011 00


Penholder "Butler"

For the perfect keeping and storing of our pens. Dimension 5.8 x 3 Inch.

Art. no. 4007 005 00