Acrylic stamp blocks

The basis for your stamp motif

Easy to handle acrylic stamp block with rounded corners and raster for clear stamps. Clear stamps can be fixed and removed simply and safe without additional fixing. The bigger stamp blocks have an integrated acrylic handle for a much easier stamp impression.

  • Single-block 10 x 10 cm
  • 3 pieces set with blocks in 7 x 7 cm, 10x10 cm, 13 x 16 cm
  • reusable
  • easy to clean
  • the stamp block with 13 x 16 cm has a handle

Acrylic stamp block handling:

Pull off the clear stamp from the carrier foil and place it on the acrylic block. The incorporated raster ensures easy placement. After using waterproof paint such as 3D stamp paint, the clear stamp and stamp blocks should be cleaned quickly.