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Trade fair novelty: Patina WaxX

Look and finish in one!

Patina WaxX, the new DIY product for vintage applications

The vintage look is as popular as ever before. Now available as a combination of paint and finish. Use our trade fair novelty, "Patina WaxX," to create a vintage look by spreading multiple onto and into each other.


patina waxx haeuser

Photo: Zizi Ziegler

Layer by layer, you can achieve the desired look. Create variety with the different shades.

We put Patina WaxX together for you in two different sets:

Colors of water in the set "Vintage Ocean," and landscape colors in the set, "Vintage Garden."

Three paints each, three patina sponges, and a step-by-step instructions guide are included in each package.

Learn more about Patina WaxX here.


set vintage garden

patina waxx gruen

  • 200-Yellow200-Yellow
  • 401-Coral401-Coral
  • 450-Brown450-Brown
  • 600-Blue600-Blue

  • 700-Green700-Green
  • 801-Grey801-Grey