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Easter decoration with feathers

DIY-Easter eggs from Concrete for kneading, designed with napkin-motifs.


ostern 2 hauptbild

ostern 2 material

ostern 2 step 1 2

Step 1)  Coat a 10 cm Styrofoam egg with 300 g Concrete for kneading.

Step 2) Let dry for 24 hours while standing in an upright position on a non-adhesive underground.

ostern 2 step 3 4

Step 3) Remove the uppermost layer from the napkin and ...

Step 4) tear out the motif.

ostern 2 step 5 6

Step 5) Dab the concrete-egg 2x with Ceramic Effect and let dry.

Step 6) Lay on the napkin motif and thinly apply the Napkin Glue + Top Coat from the center outwards.

Beton zum Kneten


keramik effekt

 Servietten Technik Lack

Concrete for kneading

Art. no. 940500098
Content 1,5 Kg


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Ceramic Effect

Art. no. 118510048
Content 150 ml


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Napkin Glue + Top Coat

Art. no. 1121...13
Content 82 ml


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