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This Easter we have concrete bunnies

In the pack of 3 even more cheerful

Beton Osterhasen


Material für Osterhasen aus Beton

You need:

Solid clear film , styrofoam egg Ø 10 cm, concrete for creative, 3 colors Chalky, stencils, solid cord, dab sponges, glue, brush, bast, wooden beads, wire, cooking oil, felt tip pen and adhesive strip


» Here are the instructions for printing


Osterhasen aus Beton - Stepp 1

1) Turn the film to the spout, glue it together and tightly close the tip

Osterhasen aus Beton - Stepp 2

2) Paint the spout inside with cooking oil

Osterhasen aus Beton - Stepp 3

3) Fix the spout with the tip down

betonosterhasen stepp 4

4) Add ready mixed concrete mass (750 g)

Beton-Osterhasen Stepp 5

5) Release the air bubbles by tapping

Beton-Osterhasen Stepp 6

6) Remove the film after 24 hours

Beton-Osterhasen Stepp 7

7) Dab Chalky through the stencil

Beton-Osterhasen Stepp 8

8) Paint styrofoam egg with Chalky

Beton-Osterhasen Stepp 9

9) Draw the cord for beard hair through the bead

Beton-Osterhasen Stepp 10

10) Fix the ears of wire

Beton-Osterhasen Stepp 11

11) Stick the bead with beard hair, paint the eyes

Beton-Osterhasen Stepp 12

12) Turn the head over with pressure and glue


... and finally bind the bast as a loop around the "neck".


Concrete for Creatives
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Chalky Vintage Look
Content 250 ml
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Stencil DIN A5
Dots + Numbers
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