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for particular highlights of 3D-effects on decoration objects and surfaces.

3D Glitter-Liner

Glittering reliefs and pearls for long-lasting 3D accents.

3D Stamp paint

Highly brillant, metallic gleam by dabbing, stamping or stenciling on paper.

3D-Stamp Paint [EN]

Stamps – sponge brushes – Water-tank-brushes


Paste for 3D-Snow effects on surfaces and objects.

Antique Crackle Medium

A primer that tears a surface painted with acrylinc paint in small cracks.

Antique Crackle Medium [EN]

& Chalky for your "Vintage Style" with Jen Starr

Black & White Kit

Decorate with Ceramic Effect in Black & White – anything but boring!

Refining with Concrete Effect

Looks like concrete - but it isn´t.

Concrete Effect - Office style

Turn your desktop into an ultra stylish eye catcher.

Concrete Effect – Stars, featherweight X-mas-deco

Cool christmas decoration look.

Accessories with Concrete Effect

It´s a totally new way of creating DIY-effects.

Concrete Effect - Upcycling of pallett furnitures

Concrete Effect Paste on wood.

Greeting cards with Concrete Effect & Metallic Look

with Concrete Effect, 3D Stamp Paint, Stamps and Stencils.

Wall painting with Concrete Effect with Magic Foil

Selfmade Canvas-Wallart

Upcycling suitcases

Remodeling everyday objects with Viva-Decor Concrete-Effect into a concrete-look.

How to – Concrete Effect Set [EN]

Transformation of a cardboard into a concrete and rusty object.

X-mas-card with Concrete Effect
Christmas greetings in a quite different way
DIY Concrete Decoration for Christmas

Festive ideas made with Concrete for Creatives.

Noble mini-lanterns made of Concrete for Creatives

The perfect gift.

Lanterns of Concrete for Creatives

Create trendy lanterns and refine them with Maya Gold.

DIY bowl of Concrete

Wonderful willowed bowl made of Concrete for Creatives.

DIY-Instruction Concrete for Creatives
Step by Step-instruction for the creation of balls of light.

Concrete molding with clear stamps [EN] How to make a reprint with a stamp into concrete.

Concrete Using Silicone Moulds and Maya Gold [EN]

Concrete for Creatives as doorknobs and more.

Concrete for Creatives

Cool Christmas decoration from packages and Concrete for Creatives.

Concrete for Creatives

Casting with stamp impression & Chalky

DIY Tutorial: Design-bowls of Concrete for Creatives Creating thin decoration objects

Concrete for Creatives

So, you make a concrete lamp with Concrete for the Creatives.

Concrete for Creatives

Create concrete balls inside a baloon.

Concrete for kneading

DIY Concrete for kneading, the new trend in the creative scene. With step by step instructions.


Concrete for kneading
Step by step instructions: owl picture „all you need is love”.
Concrete for kneading

"Time for starlights" – Bowl with Concrete for Kneading and Maya Gold



Making gnomes with Chalky

A few steps only to make funny DIY gnomes with Chalky.

DIY Shabby Chic Candle holder
Decoration-board made of a Europallet and Chalky
Christmas packages decorated with Chalky

Fanciful packages in the Shabby Chic Style

Easter decoration with Chalky and metallic foils
Easily made effectful decoration for the Easter time.


How to – Chalky Paint and Rusty, Loftstyle [EN]

One of the device trends

Selfmade Shabby Chic

with Chalky Vintage Look

DIY Chalky vases

DIY paint Chalky on relief glassware

DIY Tutorial: decorating boots with Color Up

Not only trendy for rainy days

Upcycling with Color Up

A second chance for your favourite accessories

Crackle paint [EN]

Alligator look with Crackling Color for book cover

Unicorn Magic

Textile paint with magic unicorn glitter


DIY: Create a ball-shaped lamp with Crackle-Lacquer


Sweet birdhouses with Ferro

Ferro Structure Paste [EN]

Ferro Structure Paste Basics, Mixed Media

Foto Transfer Medium

The personal photo-gift

Glitter-Paste Glam Art

- It gleams and glitters

Glitter-Paste and Concrete Effect

X-mas card in a different way


Glitter directly from the Pen


Selfmade gifts with Inka-Gold

Inka-Gold [EN]
Techniques with Stencil, Metal Color for Mixed Media
Inka Gold and Modeling Cream [EN]

Mixed Media with Modeling Cream and Inka Gold

Decorating with Inka Gold

Those who can polish shoes, can also beautify objects with Inka Gold.


DIY Metallic-Look-Trend on fabrics

DIY pillows with metallic paint for fabrics


DIY Window pane decoration for spring time


Merry Cristmas on the window pane – simply washable

Creative-Cream DIY

Halloween windows and glassware decorated with stencils


Translucent 3-D-Effects for garden lanterns


Glossy metallic effects with Maya-Gold

Maya Gold and Concrete

Noble mini lanterns with Maya Gold

Micro Crackling Color

Romantic vintage! - Heart decoration in the Vintage Stil


Selfmade mirrored glitter balls

Modeling Cream and Inka Gold [EN]

Mixed Media with Modeling Cream and Inka Gold

Multi Color

DIY - Paint your world colorful with Multi Color

Paper Soft Color [EN]

How to: Coloring the background and using a stencil

Paper Soft Color

DIY Mixed Media -  a nice memo- or photo-board

Paper Soft Color

DIY masking technique with clear stamps and Paper-Soft-Color

Pardo and Patchy

Make home-accessories with Pardo Polymer Clay and Patchy

Pearl-Pen Basics [EN]

Pearls for Mixed Media Projects


DIY – selfmade pearls, How to create pearls

Relief-Paperpaste for the

Mixed Media Project: Memo- / Photoboard

Rusty and Rusty Patina

selfmade rusty look

How to – Rusty and Chalky [EN]

Loftstyle – One of the device trends

Satiné Matt-Glass

DIY decorated glassware with elastic bands

Satiné Matt-Glass

Create fancy decoration


DIY apply a T-Shirt Patch

Soft-Tex DIY

painting on fabrics with masking tape and fabric paint


Self designed pillow with modern graphical patterns

Structure Paste [EN]

The easy way to decorate a book cover

Spray Glue

Strongly adhesive but also washable

Textile Design Spray

Spray your style = Spray – Iron – Ready!

Textile paints for young design

with Textil Design Spray – Fashion Tex and Soft Tex

Venezia Stone Effect

DIY – painting an old touch

Venezia Stone Effect

Stone Effect Preview

Venezia Stone Effect

Upcycling for indoor and outdoor

Template Sheets

Useful template sheets for ironing help you with your fabric design

Template Sheets for Hot-Fix Stones

Ironable motifs made of glass and rhinestones

Water Transfers

Decals on objects


Designing pretty, individual candles